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C&D Processing Facility

Easy convenient processing of recyclables.

We are the operators of Bennett C&D Processing Facility - the only permitted C&D (construction and demolition) processing facility on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Comingled loads of debris are accepted from all counties and all haulers. Inside our facility we mechanically sort out all recyclable material from the waste stream thus saving valuable landfill space as well as giving material as second life that would otherwise be destined for final disposal.

We are able to assist you in achieving compliance with LEED MR Credit 2 by tracking and reporting the amount of debris diverted from the landfill through the use of our facility.

In addition to the material separation we also bale our own cardboard (OCC), mixed paper, carpet padding, vinyl siding and plastics for shipping to mills for reuse. Our wood waste is processed through a grinder and reused in a variety of applications.

Bennett Processing Facility, has received certification from the Recycling Certification Institute (RCI). RCI's certification of the Facility has been approved by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council) under their Verified Construction and Demolition Recycling Rates standards of review and measurement for third party verification. This certification allows LEED projects taking their construction and demolition material to Bennett Processing Facility eligible for the additional LEED Pilot Credit point under MRpc87. Bennett is now only one of eleven facilities in the United States, and the only one in Maryland, to achieve this certification.