Construction Services

Site Work & Excavation

Bennett Construction, Inc. has been working on improvements to the Eastern Shore's landscape and infrastructure since 1947. Site work and Excavation project types that we have been involved in include sub-divisions, shopping centers, fast food and convenience stores, student housing projects and apartment complexes.

We offer the following Site Work & Excavation Services:

  • Clearing
  • Excavation and Grading
  • Sediment and Erosion Control
  • Stormwater Ponds
  • Bio-Retention Systems
  • Stormdrain Installation
  • Sanitary Sewer/Water Service Installation
  • Stone Stabilization
  • Paving
  • Site Concrete
  • Landscaping
  • Driveways (Installs or retrofits)
  • Various homeowner projects
  • Demolition

Bennett Construction has been involved in all types of demolition projects throughout the area for over three generations. We have worked on all types of demolition projects including hotels, single and multifamily homes, poultry houses, parking lots and commercial buildings.

Our Demolition Services include:

  • Selective and complete demolition
  • Underground tank removal
  • Concrete and paving removal
  • Dirt and Stone Sales

Bennett Construction has it's own 74-acre borrow pit located just south of Fruitland, MD.

From this borrow pit we are able to furnish our clients the following dirt and stone materials:

  • Structural fill
  • Common fill
  • Topsoil
  • Clay
  • Hauling Services

Bennett Construction has the means to put material on your projects with our own fleet of dump trucks. We also provide heavy hauling with our lowboy, van trailer and flatbed truck servicer.

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